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Get to Know Us

Owners: Brittani & Jeffrey Williams

Photo Credit: @butcherphotography

Collaboration w: @spicygreenbook 

My name is Brittani, my fiancé and I are the owners and operators of J.B.Humble Pies. We're both born and raised (primarily) in Washington, DC. We've known each other since middle school but started dating in our 20s. Jeff graduated from Johnson & Wales University of Charlotte and I graduated from Central Texas College. 

We both was working full-time jobs and wanted more for ourselves. After quitting our jobs, cold-turkey, Jeff and I started this business late October 2019, right in our kitchen. 

One day we were having a conversation when we first started dating, about becoming entrepreneurs and what we would like to do. Jeff told me a story about how he used to make chicken pot pies, sold those to his family and neighborhood friends, and how successful it was. But he didn't keep up with it because he wasn't focused at the time. One night, we had leftovers, curry chicken, rice and cabbage, so I mentioned making a pie, we tried it, and it was good. We made curry chicken pies and chicken pot pies the following week for our family and friends to try because why not turn it into a business. The feedback about the pies was more than enough motivation to start..

We started working on our business logo and name. It took us about a month to draw out the logo but we also knew we needed more on the menu, so that's when we came up with 3 savory pies (pot pie, curry pie and jerk pie) and 2 sweet pies (apple and sweet potato).

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